Denise Rockwood

  Hi Friends; a friend of Denise is a friend of mine,

 My name is Bob.  Iím writing as Deniseís former fiancť, and long time friend.

 It has been nearly two years since Denise left us, on October 29, 2004, after a five year battle with cancer.  I apologize to those of you whom have not heard of Deniseís illness and death before now, but, that is the way she wanted it.

My love for Denise was extremely deep and profound.  For a long time I didnít want to face the fact that she was gone.  But, time really does heal pain; if not totally, it has at least dulled it enough for me to finally let Denise go, by fulfilling her last two wishes.

Denise told me her last two wishes were: to have a party with the money and party favors she had put away for this purpose, and to scatter her ashes in a redwood forest.

I never found the money Denise intended to throw the party with, but I did find the party favors.  So I would like to announce a memorial gathering for the friends of Denise Rockwood, I was thinking of Friday & Saturday, August 25th & 26th, or the Labor Day weekend, at my house in San Francisco starting in the afternoon and going on until itís over.

Everyone is also invited to join the procession up north to the redwoods, or meet me up there, on Sunday, August 27 or 28th, or the Labor Day weekend Sept 2-4. I wanted to hear from some of her friends this week before I decide what date.

I only have a photograph of where Denise wished her ashes to be scattered.  So if anyone knows of the exact location she had in mind please let me know. I will place the picture Denise gave me on my website. 

Denise's Resting Place  There are several other pictures of Denise posted there.  Also, if anyone has pictures of Denise they want posted to my website, please email them to me at  You may also mail the original picture to me, but please include a return envelope so I can mail the pictures back to you.     


If you would like to come to Deniseís Memorial please R.S.V.P. me via Deniseís email, or my mail, so I have some idea of the approximate number of people coming.


Denise was a special person to me, as Iím sure she was to a lot of you.  Please, join me in remembering and celebrating Denise Rockwoodís life.


Bob Student

1543 La Salle Ave., San Francisco, CA  94124