William 'Rick' Windes

Love Mark

Peace,  Paul

All my love, Sean

Love and hugs, Kim and Tim
West Hollywood Aquatics


Fondly, Betsy

Fondly,  Sally

the Hawaii Masters


Missouri valley LMSC

IGLA swimmer KC Wave

Love and hugs, Walter

Most sincerely, Jack

Much love, Meg

Love, Barbara

Love, Felicia

Love, Felicia

Michael and Terry

Michael and Terry

With sympathy, Rich

Dale and Howard

Regards John and Gabriel

Fond thoughts - Rick

Love, Ann

Love V

With love, John

Fond memories, Mike

Deepest Sympathy

The Team

Warmly, Pat

Betsy, Alice, Miriam
Grace & Mercy May

Faithfully, Geoff

Love, Leo

Fondly. Frank

Yours, Quentin

Love, Suzanne

Sorry, Alan

Deepest sympathy, Bruce

Love, Heidi

Sympathy, Bill

Peace, Kay Weinman
Bill Windes

Love,  D

Always, Barry

Love Jessica

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